First Market - Bushel & Barrel Cider House Poulsbo, WA.

What made the First Crafting Market at Bushel & Barrel Cider House in Poulsbo, WA so special?

Attending our first crafting market at Bushel & Barrel Cider House in Poulsbo, WA was an unforgettable experience. The location itself was perfect, offering a cozy and inviting family atmosphere that set the stage for a successful event. The most challenging part was setting up and tearing down my booth. Despite the initial difficulties, I managed to overcome them (with the help of my family) and make the most out of this incredible opportunity and atmosphere.

How did I tackle the booth set up and tear down?

Setting up and tearing down my booth proved to be more challenging than I had anticipated. Although I had help and no lack of determination, it seemed like so much time was wasted on struggling to set up the canopy. Once we finally got the canopy up one of the most valuable lessons learned was the importance of doing a mock-up set up prior to the event. This allowed me to plan the layout, so once the struggle was over placing items was quick. This then allowed me to price and tag my items, and make any necessary adjustments. By taking the advice of other experienced crafters, I was able to streamline the process and save time and effort.

What was the most valuable lesson learned?

Throughout the crafting market, I encountered various challenges, but one lesson stood out above the rest. I discovered a better way to secure my pricing tags with the use of bulb pins. This simple yet effective solution will not only saved me time but also ensure my items are properly labeled and accounted for. This small adjustment will make a significant difference in the overall presentation of my booth and back office.

What made the experience even more memorable?

One of the highlights of the first crafting market was the opportunity to connect with other crafters. I was grateful for their advice and support, which proved invaluable in navigating the event. Their insights and suggestions helped me improve my booth set up and techniques for future markets. The sense of camaraderie and community among crafters made the experience even more enjoyable and rewarding. Another highlight of course was having my family from start to end and with making the first purchase impowering me with the confidence in using our Shopify's Tap and Chip (Point Of Sale device). We had done the initial test buy but, there was more to it making a live sale.

Looking forward to the next crafting market

Participating in the first crafting market at Bushel & Barrel Cider House in Poulsbo, WA was an incredible experience. Despite the initial challenges, I was able to overcome them and make the most out of this opportunity and the cider was amazing! The support and advice from fellow crafters, along with the valuable lessons learned, have motivated me to continue pursuing my passion. I am eagerly looking forward to the next crafting market, where I can showcase my creations and connect with like-minded individuals once again.

Till then, keep crafting and adding a sprinkle of creativity!


Lina C.

Shepherds Cottage

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